There is definitely a flavour of 90s nostalgia in this German electronica duo: Psyrena. Formed by songwriter Madeleine Wise and Producer Yak Bondy, the band is based in London. Their music hovers in the electronic art-pop domain while entertaining an eclectically-fuelled, neo-classical rebirth, as they have been influenced by Gregorian Chants and Debussy. Their new EP Fallen Angel features 6 tracks ranging from dance to cinematic ballads, mostly in minor keys, that will please many.

‘Fallen Angel’  is a cinematic track with prominent tuned percussion, this fully embodies the complex meandering of emotions, at only 2’18’’ it leaves us wanting more! ‘Angels Never Sleep  is the track that reminds me of early Morcheeba’s rich production, with an electronic vibe that retains a human quality, a very soulful track. ‘Snakeman’ is  where Wise’s vocal delivery is the most outstanding – very passionate and honest. You can hear the heartfelt yearning in her execution. ‘Absynthe Radio’ is full of hooks, the chorus has that 80s quality in the melody while retaining a very contemporary production sound. The bridge is suitably floaty. The song starts and is interspersed with sound effect radio stations from around the world. ‘Siren Call’ is a track similar in feel and atmosphere to ‘Fallen Angel’, but with sexy pizzicato orchestral strings, a cinematic song. ‘Kids With Guns is a dance track and a very successful effort.

The music is driven by a definite will to be different while being packed with recognisable hooks. The EP Fallen Angel is the first of a series of five, all portraying an enlightening journey into Psyrena’s emotional experience of the World, its dualities, chasms and absurdities which are expertly depicted by Wise’s turbulent vocal delivery. Wise’s incomparable (and excellent) singing is the strongest feature of this music, in my humble opinion. For the nostalgic who wants superstar references, it’s potentially like Björk meets Laurie Anderson with some reminiscence of Morcheeba. Deserves a listen, or two or three…

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Written by Fabrizio Vincente