‘Made of Glass’ by Plain Sails

This track is quick to capture the listener’s attention with it’s reverb heavy intro filled with synthesised pad and bells and a clean guitar. Hi-hats build up towards the first verse and a drum fill to introduce the chorus, which has layers of electric guitar power chords, synth pads and bells. The lead vocals delivered by Andy Chappell creates the emotion throughout the song, and when combined with all the layers of the instruments, ‘Made of Glass’ produces a strong single that you’d play on repeat. As a band formed only in 2017, Plain Sails have already played to large crowds which include The Dome, Tufnell Park, and O2 Academy Islington.

‘Love Me’ by Felix Cartal and Lights

This electronic-pop track released on Valentine’s Day written about unrequited love is one that people can relate to, and listen to, year-round. Lights’ dulcet vocals on Cartal’s energetic and dancable instrumental is enjoyable and “a true collab” as Cartal stated. He produced the entire track and Lights wrote all of the lyrics; both Cartal and Lights have fused their styles together and delivered it in equal parts every step of the way. The song was released with a lyric video, and the end with a cameo from Cartal and Lights (watch here).

‘Dinner & Diatribes’ by Hozier

With his album set to be released on March 1st, Hozier has droped another taster. Hozier stated that “‘Dinner & Diatribes’ is a playful number that tries to credit that feeling of relief when leaving any tedious social engagement.” The song begins with a strong kick-drum and a distorted guitar riff. Hozier delivers his baritone vocals with emotion that can be felt in every song that he has. Hozier will be following the release of Wasteland, Baby! with a US, EU, and UK tour.

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Written by Eethan Bello and Harrison Lloyd