The MNGR was fortunate enough to snag an interview with both Bogomil Bonev and Ishy Dee, both performers who will be graduating this following July. Together they will be hosting their event, The Sauce Makers, on April 26th at Brixton Jamm.

The MNGR: So what’s this event you’re putting on?

Bogomil Bonev: Basically, it’s called The Sauce Makers and it’s a showcase/live music type of event to celebrate urban pop/r&b music. We decided to go with this type of vibe because we both have similar styles of music and we thought it would be a good thing to keep up the symbiotic vibe for the whole event. It’s part of our performance assessment, and I went up to Ishy and asked if he wanted to collaborate for this.
Ishy Dee: Yeah, cause we were thinking it might be too much pressure for just one person to put on. So we decided that if we do it together, we can have a similar style of music, similar atmosphere, and we can just bounce off each other.

BB: At that point, I suggested we take it further than just an assessment, and rather make it an actual event and invite people within the music community. So we started running with this in October. So, we got in touch with Wire 4 Music about how to go about organizing an event and we went through a process similar to Dragons Den where we pitched our ideas to the organizers.
ID: It was proper intense at that point.
BB: It was our first decent presentation that we had to pitch.
ID: We had 5 minutes to sell our ideas and we had to cram in everything into such a short amount of time.
BB: We had to be extra selective when it came to what we put on paper. We were in the room with 20 other people, stood there trying to give off the right impression. Finally 1-2 weeks later we were contacted and informed that they wanted to take on our project.

The MNGR: How did you guys come up with the SauceMakerz name?

BB: Oh my gosh, when we were thinking about the name for the event, we were going through so many options, like a myriad of things. But then as we were talking, Ishy said “sauce…sauce makers”, and I was like “What do you mean?”

ID: And I was like, “sauce… the sauce. We make the sauce, people listen to the sauce. And then they be like, ‘Who made the sauce?’” We are the Sauce Makers. And that’s how we got it.
BB: It’s all quite deep.

The MNGR: Shifting over to more or your artistic styles, what traits would you say you both have in common?

ID: Well, I’ve got one. Dress sense. Remember the last LCM Session?

BB: Oh my gosh, yeah. I still have the picture.
ID: I was just standing there, and I was like “Oh my gosh”. My friends, once they saw what I had on, started laughing.
BB: After I finished my set I looked down at his shirt and couldn’t stop laughing.
ID: It was so sick. And from there we knew this was meant to happen.

The MNGR: All it took was one shirt

ID: That’s it, the one shirt.
BB: I would have to say another thing we have in common as well is we both use a lot of afrobeat and jazz influences in our music.
ID: We definitely share some similar traits.
BB: Yeah, I’ve seen some similarities definitely when we play live. I find my personality matches a lot of Ishy’s stuff.
ID: Likewise.
BB: The consistency of it all just makes it a perfect match.
The MNGR: Yeah, moving along from that, before you guys decided to collaborate on The Saucemaker’s event, what was your relationship like?

ID: We’ve actually made some tracks together before this.
BB: Yeah, basically, in First year, when we discovered we had similar interests when it came to music, I was writing a track with another student at the time for a Glastonbury competition project. We literally only had a week to write a song, make the music, mix and master it, and send it off. It was unreal. But I later went to Ishy and asked him if he could help us record and master the track because of the tight deadline.
ID: And I was so onboard for that. I basically engineered the session; helped with recording the instruments and vocals. Mixed it and sent it back to him.
BB: You literally saved us. But yeah, that was our first collaboration and it was so much fun.
ID: Those were some great times in First Year.
BB: Yeah, it definitely was. We’ve definitely helped each other out every now and then after that, but yeah, we enjoy working together whenever we can.

The MNGR: Guys, it’s so great to hear the history behind you guys collaborating. Would you work on a project together in the future?

ID: One million percent.
BB: Yes, anytime.
ID: There’s no reason not to.
BB: It’s funny too because there were some people who I was introducing the event to and they actually asked if this would be a continuous thing and not just a one-time event.
ID: You never know.
BB: It might become a new tradition. We’ll just have to wait and see.

For more information on the SauceMakerz event check out their social media links listed below:

Interview by Devon Potter

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