Download King Krule - The OOZ (2017)
A piece full of self-annihilation, mental illness, and heartbreaks from the 23-year-old South Londoner. Rarely has frustration sounded so heavenly.

The musical diversity of Archy Marshall’s different aliases has been a prominent sign of his creative process. Carrying us through from his birth-name to DJ JD Sports, Zoo Kid, Edgar the Breathtaker and, obviously, his most popular sobriquet; King Krule, he has managed to create a body of work that spans a variety of genres, but still blurs the lines between them with a profound vigilance.

The highly anticipated follow-up to 6 Feet Beneath the Moon has finally hit the shelves and the digital market and manifests the evolution in his musical sound. You will find yourself in a pool of punk rock, trip hop, boozy jazz, and darkwave; an eccentric fusion that will take your ears on a journey.

The OOZ grazes over various elements that Marshall has dug up through his roster of aliases, only now with a purity of vision and a clearer path. The new record is certainly Marshall’s most emotional as of yet, with lyrics of him wrestling with self-loathing and angst from the outcome of heartaches and mental instability.

From start to finish, his gritty vocals and distorted instrumentals mixed with sodden synths and dreamlike sax display one of Krule’s most prominent assets; creating an atmosphere to be lost in.

Kicking off the album, ‘Biscuit Town’ is an astounding way of retrograding us back to Archy Marshall’s A New Place 2 Drown, released in late 2015, with traces of nineties hip-hop – a pattern you can find in most of his work. While ‘Dum Surfer’, ‘Emergency Blimp’ and ‘Vidual’ continue to hold on to the dreary post-punk roots, a fragment of what King Krule’s debut was like.

The newly released record is bound to be the soundtrack to those numerous gloomy nights and make you wander through the dark half-dreamy moments. Whether it will make you at ease and find serenity is not the aim here; not at any point does Marshall himself seem to find what he’s been searching for, as he slowly mutters in ‘Cadet Limbo’ halfway through the album (Had it really been this long? / Since I got lost in space?).

The OOZ creates an alluring sphere for us to float through the many mediums of King Krule; it’s more than just a work of art. No wonder his upcoming UK tour next month is completely sold out – join the waiting list via. DICE and SeeTickets, he’s one to not miss.
Stream the album on Spotify right here:

Written by Annika Singh

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