Denio’s most recent release Golden delivers all that could be expected following their preceding singles Models and Cait an enigmatic energy anthem that encapsulates the age long concepts and questioning of the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” situations.

Straight off the bat, the song commences with a full-on melodic riff that remains present for the remainder of the song. Vaguely resembling a similar tone to Bombay Bicycle Club, it parallels the likes of their songs Shuffle and Always Like This. The simplistic base in each song, in a way, serves to carry the tight and cohesive sound. Essentially, the instrumentation has a no nonsense, straight to business vibe with its pithy and punchy rhythm. The tight pauses give the song breathing space and time to settle in the listener’s minds. Denio manages to find balance in their music; they do not crowd the track with unnecessary accents nor do they oversimplify it.

Golden is a prime embodiment of what an indie song entails. The juxtaposition of the actual melody compared with what is being lyrically sung demonstrates the band’s ability to go deeper without creating a morose or darker tune, notable of this genre. It’s not light, nor is it heavy. It’s not carefree, neither serious.  It further creates a yin and yang dimension to the song that divides it into two parts: the music, which is direct and knows where it’s going, versus the lyrics that maintain questions and uncertainty of past actions. A message that poignantly stood out was the fear of having potentially ruined something good, something special, something golden if you will. It hits hard on the ideas of regret; acknowledging feelings we have when looking in hindsight and questioning our decisions. It’s a situation many of us grapple with in different situations; whether it pertains to life, work, or in this case, love.  

Should they have stayed together? At one point their relationship was perfect and good. But even though at one point it was wonderful and spectacular, could that be enough to mend what is no longer? Perhaps Denio’s next single will hold more insight into this.

The band means business, and this song commands attention. “Golden” is a commendable piece that manages to create a well-rounded upbeat song that does not lose depth in its meaning. We eagerly await what Denio has next in store.

Written by Devon Potter

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