New Age thrills

A duo consisting of first year students from LCM, Jack Charles on Guitar and Sophie Brenan on vocals. Performing originals including their new single ‘I’ll let you be in my dreams, If I can be in yours’, which is available to stream on YouTube.

Sophie’s voice works perfectly with the beautifully played guitar. Jack used a pedal during one of the performances which added a whole new dimension to the performance. The set went down amazingly with everyone who attended the event on Tuesday evening.

The duo also did a cover of Summertime sadness, by Lana del Rey which perfectly complimented Sophie’s voice, the set went on for about 30 minutes and the crowd loved them! As did we!

Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole was the second act of the acoustic evening, playing solo with just his voice and guitar.  A knight in shining armour, Jordan was a last minute fill in act. Jordan played an original song called ‘How ya Doin’ which started the set off with a country vibe, he then went on to cover the likes of Johnny Cash and even performing his own version of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Galway Girl’.

Jordan definitely had the crowd excited with his country music vibe, which is a rare sound!

Paul Loughran

The third act was Irish born, Paul Loughran. Like Jordan, just his voice and his guitar he played a mix of original and covered songs. His two originals were called ‘Wrath’ and ‘Lust’ which were a bit slower than the other songs he performed, but were awesome songs. The other songs he did were covers and they consisted of artist such as City & Colour and Bruce Springsteen which had the crowd singing along.

Paul’s charisma on stage is flawless and he is a truly talented guy, thanks Paul!

Cloudy Galvez

Cloudy Galvez is a singer songwriter who is studying music management at the university of west
London. Her performances are non-stop allowing a set for 30 minutes of pure music. Cloudy normally plays alongside a drummer and bassist but we had the pleasure of hearing her on her own live acoustically which she admits she has not done for a while.

In her set was a mix of originals and covers. Her originals include ‘Distance’, ‘Dust under the rug’ and ‘Let it run wild’ all of which were beautifully performed, and are available on her socials to stream (links below). The covers she performed included another Ed Sheeran tune ‘Shape of you’ and a Michael Jackson classic, ‘Billie Jean’.

Cloudy does a lot of gigs in and around London so make sure you go to follow her socials and stay updated on her next gigs.

Nadia Sheikh

Last but certainly not least was Nadia Sheikh, who is normally accompanied by a band, so seeing this acoustic set of hers was a treat! She sang all originals, including ‘Deep waters’ which Nadia says she wrote years ago by it was one our favourites from our president of the MNGR. 

Also in her set was originals such as ‘It Don’t get better, ‘Going Down’, ‘Break Free’ and ’50 Feet’. Most of which can be found on her YouTube channel. Nadia also performs a lot around London so make sure you follow her socials to see any upcoming gigs! She is awesome live, and expect another review of her coming onto the site soon from a performance with her full band.

Thanks for reading.

By Gabriella Robinson

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